The Multi-Measuring Device for Workplace Analysis

BAPPU-evo is now even more versatile

The success of BAPPU-classic, the compact and practical all-in-one device which measures parameters such as indoor air quality, lighting conditions and noise levels in the workplace is now followed by the next refinement: BAPPU-evo.


BAPPU Koffer

  • Easy operation

  • Immediate evaluation

  • Colour display with touch screen

  • USB interface

  • Classification of noise and llluminance measurement

  • Software for preparation, evaluation and documentation

  • Integrated data logger for long-term recording

  • Sturdy case for all components and accessories

  • Optional BAPPäck - the bag for on the road

Measuring range


  • Air temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Noise level (class 2)

  • llluminance (class C)

  • Screen brightness (luminance)

  • Luminance contrasts

  • Flicker frequency


  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)

  • Air speed

  • Globe temperature

  • Calculation of PMV/PPD indices and mean radiant temperature

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{slide=Brief Description of the BAPPU-evo}

BAPPU-evo is a convenient multi—measuring device for orientation measurements of health—relevant environmental features in workplaces in the areas of administration and industry. BAPPU-evo is characterised by high levels of user-friendliness and many functions that make work easier.

The evolution of a successful model - As far as handling and clarity are concerned, BAPPU-evo follows the successful conceptual design of its predecessor in every respect, but supplements them with contemporary features. These include a USB interface, the colour display, the possibility of integrated continuous recording, additional CO2 measurement, classification in the measurement range of noise (class 2) and illumination (class C), as well as calculation of the comfort indices (climate indices) PMV and PPD. All of this is included in a new ergonomic housing which emulates and consistently continues the form of the BAPPU classic.

As before, all measured values in a workplace are stored together with their evaluation in a specifically identified storage location in the device. From here they can be transmitted to the PC and evaluated with the BAPPU software. The preparation of workplace analyses and long-time recording are also part of the concept. In short: in all points BAPPU-evo fulfils the requirements placed on a modern, efficient and economical all-in-one-device for the occupational health and safety.



The Anemometer-evo is a supplementary sensor for the measurement of air speed. The thermal measurement procedure also allows the accurate determination of small air movements.


Measurement Range

  • Air speed (0-5m/sec) and temperature in the draught

  • Mean air speed over 3 minutes

  • Intensity of turbulence


  • Accurate thermal measurement procedure

  • High accuracy even with small air movements

  • Possibility of long-term recording in connection with BAPPU-evo

  • Tripod retainer and tripod

Also available: Anemo+ Equipped with a display the device can be used as stand alone or in combination with BAPPU-evo.

{slide=Brief Description of the Anemometer-evo}

With the Anemometer-evo, air speeds from O-5 m/sec can be recorded accurately. This allows the required check of the "comfort" within the framework of comfort measurements in workplaces.

Besides the present values, 3 mean value calculations can be performed over 3 minutes for measurements at various heights. In this way the draught-sensitive areas of the ankle, pelvis and neck can be recorded separately.

The temperature in the airflow is recorded with an additional sensor and shown and stored as evaluation parameters for the air speed values. All recorded data is clearly shown in the display of the basic device and compared as part of the integrated conformity check with the required target values. For the practical performance of the measurements the anemometer has been provided with the possibility of attachment to a tripod.


BAPPU-evo Globe


The globe thermometer BAPPU Globe enables the measu-
rement and determination of "thermal comfort" in work-

With the integration of the climatic variables that can be
measured with BAPPU, the climate indices is calculated,
as required in ASR A3.5 in the case of unfavourable con-

Measurement Range

  • Globe temperature; in conjunction with BAPPU:
     determination of the heat radiation and PMV/PPD indices.


  • Accurate temperature semiconductor sensor

  • Calculation of the PMV/PPD indices according to DIN EN ISO 7730

  • Long-time recording in conjunction with BAPPU-evo


{slider=Brief Description of the Globe}

As a result of this extension, the comfort indices "PMV" and "PPD", which otherwise can only be determined with
difficulty, can be simply recorded. The customary simple operation of the BAPPU devices is consistently continued.

In the PMV/PPD indices the "expected mean value" for the satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels of the employees is expressed in comparison to the climatic conditions. On the basis of the climatic variables recorded with the multi-measuring device BAPPU, i.e. temperature, relative humidity, airspeed and globe temperature, the calculations on thermal comfort are quickly and efficiently performed.



The CO2 unit is a supplementary sensor for measuring carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2) in the air in the room. The NDIR measurement method (non-dispersive infrared spectrometry) guarantees exact results.


Measurement Range

  • CO2 — carbon dioxide (0-10000 ppm)


  • Accurate NDIR measurement procedure

  • Long term recordings in conjunction with BAPPU-evo

{slide=Brief Description of the CO2 unit}

Uncomfortable climatic conditions, as well as poor air qualit, influence the performance of employees and may result in health prblems.

In terms of occupational health and safety this mainly affects office work as offices are often used by a large number of individuals For buildings with ventilation and air conditioning systems the proportion of recirculated air should therefore be limited such that maximum hygiene values of 1500 ppm of CO2 are not exceeded ( parts per million).

The current CO2 concentration is displayed in ppm.




All measurement ranges can be recorded simultaneously, either directly in the BAPPU-evo or with the PC (BAPPU-time). With the BAPPU-time software an efficient program for evaluating long-term recordings is provided. The recorded data can be read out and presented as graphs or tables.

The simultaneous recording enables the analysis of correlations (e.g. temperature/humidity). Further features allow, for example, the calculation of mean values and the parallel representation of several measurement curves.