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Green mission: ELK actively helps shape the forest in Ratingen.

31 January 2024

ELK's tree planting tour in Ratingen was more than just a campaign - it was an impressive experience that connected us with nature and the pressing issue of climate change. Experiencing the forest in the morning dew refreshed our senses and revitalised our spirits. "It's so nice to enjoy the morning dew and breathe in the fresh forest air," as Katja, our foreign correspondent at ELK, aptly put it. Despite the rather fresh feeling of 2 degrees outside, the smell of the damp earth and the crackling of the leaves underfoot made us long for such revitalising moments.

The Plant-my-tree team provided refreshments under a small tent with delicious coffee, tea and snacks. A break that not only filled the stomach, but also strengthened the bond within the group.

And so we, a group of around 13 people, started our "Green Mission!" campaign with this uplifting feeling.

plant my tree 1

Raising awareness of the regional forest was a central aspect of this experience, accompanied by knowledge transfer from the plant-my-tree forester. As ELK, we not only want to make a small contribution to combating climate change, but also actively participate in reforestation projects and realise CO2 compensation by planting regional trees. For us, it's not just about clearing our conscience, but rather about taking concrete countermeasures against the damage caused by severe hurricanes in our region around Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Meerbusch and Duisburg. This campaign is not just a company initiative, but rather a living demonstration of our employees' social commitment to the region as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In total, we planted an impressive 620 trees (beech, oak) in Ratingen (coordinates of the area: 51°19'20.2 "N 6°52'39.9 "E) in one morning with 13 committed people from three different companies. This result was not only impressive, but also great fun for everyone. The motivation behind our actions was all the greater as a result, and it was a wonderful day in the fresh forest air - an experience we can only recommend.

Our team returned from our ELK "Green Mission!" campaign invigorated. Out of the daily work routine, we found new creative impulses for new ideas and inspiring thoughts for a more sustainable future.

plant my tree 2

We would like to thank everyone who contributed.


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