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That was A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf - full of new impetus and successful updates.

10 November 2023

Under the motto "A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf - New Impulses", the trade fair opened with an exciting and forward-looking event. Our BAPPU team entered the trade fair with a breath of fresh air and an inviting stand adorned with a beautiful wooden table. This table was not only an aesthetic eye-catcher, but also perfectly reflected our customers' feedback and the spirit of the times.

 AundA 2023 B52 H4

The response from our customers was overwhelming. Our innovative updates and in particular the introduction of BAPPUnow, our software for measurement data management, which is expected to be ready for series production from Q2/2024, met with great interest. The user-friendly interface and simplified data management in the cloud were perceived by visitors as a real relief in their day-to-day work. This clear message shows: We actively integrate our customers' ideas and wishes into our development roadmap and keep you up to date.

Another example of how we have responded to customer feedback is the calculation and display of the noise level exposure value in BAPPUevo. Customers expressed a desire to simplify this process and we have made this wish come true.

AundA 2023 B52 H4 2

Just like our IRevo surface sensor for fast, non-contact measurement of surfaces was an idea that came from our customers and which we have now put into practice. In particular, the new dew point display, which is integrated into the firmware from version 2.1.4, has attracted a lot of interest. This function can be used to locate potential pockets of moisture on surfaces, which in the worst case prevents the formation of mould.

Our VOCOO+ IAQ sensor was once again very popular at the trade fair. At a time when the objective assessment of indoor air in the workplace is becoming increasingly important, the VOCOO+ stands out as a trade fair highlight. In view of the growing interest in "indoor air and comfort in the workplace", creating an optimum indoor climate has been proven to boost employee motivation and performance.

Vocoo Wand logo web

In this context, we have organized a competition to express our appreciation for your interest and participation in the VOCOO+ competition.
And the lucky winners will be officially announced in the next issue of BAPPU-news.

Of course, we also recorded the working environment with BAPPUevo during the trade fair in Hall 4 at Stand B52. The long-term recording shows measured values from the second day of the trade fair:

Aufzeichnung AundA 251023

A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf was a great success for us, and we share the enthusiasm and commitment of our customers. We would like to thank all visitors for their interest and support. Together, we have driven the future of occupational safety and health, and we are excited to see where this new momentum will take us.

A+A remains the world's largest and most important event in the field of occupational health and safety. The next event is planned for November 4-7, 2025 in Düsseldorf.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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