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19 April 2024

..., Steffen Müller
Started: January 2024
Area of responsibility: Software development

My physics studies at the University of Greifswald began with the clear goal of "bringing the sun's energy to earth!" However, I quickly realised that this path would rather burn me out. I therefore opted for a more practical approach: intensive research in the field of hydrogen catalysers for fuel cells.

My professional curiosity drove me via Nijmegen and on to Hastings in the United Kingdom. During my stays abroad, I immersed myself intensively in analysing and generating measured values, using my own scripts as my tools of choice.

The unexpected circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic brought a surprising turn in my professional development: I constructed my first CO2 traffic light. This step led me deeper into the fascinating world of embedded systems, databases and ML evaluation, and these topics still inspire me today. The opportunity at ELK to contribute my experience and gain new insights at the same time is very convenient for me.

I am particularly interested in how to write high-quality, secure and maintainable code, test it successfully, deploy it and monitor it effectively. At ELK, I hope not only to have the opportunity for personal development, but also the chance to contribute new ideas in this innovative environment. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.



..., Joachim Jungius
Started: February 2024
Area of responsibility: Software development

Freepk office man

My career, in short: "Mining -- protective devices - ovens. There is software everywhere, everywhere is programmed with coffee."



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