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Elk says: „Thank you for your patience“

11 May 2021
© ELK GmbH

Dear customers, dear businesspartners,
even if life seems to stand still right now and corona seems to hold us tightly in its grasp– life does go on.

So we also took some precautions in regard of COVID-19 to ensure the healthiness of our employees, businesspartners and customers. Because of that we now work with reduced workforce and should it take a bit longer on our part -  we kindly ask you to excuse this, therefore we say: „Thank you for your patience“

How do we go from here?

The plan is to move on to „normal mode“ starting March and hopefully then the whole ELK-Team continues staying ready for you. Through our homepage we will keep you updated about the detailed procedure.
We are already excited to again welcome you in our ELK-house.


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