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That was the Arbeitsschutz Aktuell trade fair 2018 in Stuttgart

15 November 2018
Messestand BAPPU-evo in Stuttgart


During this time, we presented our news about the "Swiss Army Knife" of metrology and above all discussed it with our customers, as well as taking their suggestions and criticism home. So we got a new motivation boost, to continue working on improving BAPPU. But we also noticed, that we seem to do a lot of things right, so we will continue on our way.

As an innovation, we presented the extension and improvement of the measuring range "noise level". In particular, we have been following the wishes of our customers, to measure higher levels.

The new IAQ sensor Vocoo-sx was particularly interesting for room climate measurement, as the objective assessment of indoor air at the workplace is becoming increasingly important. With its measuring ranges of particulate matter (PM), CO2, VOC and CO, the new IAQ probe is the ideal complement to the BAPPU, to assess the air quality.

In addition, we showed the dew point display, which is now with the new firmware (from 2.1.4), the calculated dew point. With the help of an infrared thermometer, surfaces can be localized, where moisture can precipitate, resulting in the worst case mold. But also in connection with the climatic summation measure - as it can be judged with BAPPU analogous to the EN ISO 7730 - results new insights to well-being, because too cold surfaces in the room, despite adequate room air temperature, leads to a withdrawal of heat energy of the body and thus an uncomfortable room climate. The room air temperature, relative humidity, draft, the determination of the heat radiation and the climatic indices PMV and PPD can thus be used to obtain meaningful measurements for assessing the indoor climate.

The new BAPPU app, which receives its data directly via WLAN from the BAPPU, was presented as an alpha version. Even though there is still some way to go before the market launch, we already wanted to start the dialogue with our customers and inform them about the possibilities of the new BAPPU app:

Suitable for all mobile devices
Only one web browser is required
Data is available at any time
Access from anywhere
Direct upload via BAPPU-wlan
No data loss due to local computer problems
Ad hoc evaluations of measurement series
Management of jobs and customers
Preparation and planning of measurement series
Create reports

We have designed the use of the new BAPPU-app as a "software as a service (SaaS)". For the users, this means: Full cost transparency and flexibility through clearly structured packages or licenses. In addition, always the latest version - and thus also continuous developments of the BAPPU-app - are available.

To be always close to the practice, we let the ideas and wishes of our customers flow into the development roadmap. In particular, reverberation measurement, draft measurement for exhaust systems, vibration, calculation of noise exposure level and oxygen measurement have been cited as desirable features by our customers. This can be seen as an outlook on the possible further developments of BAPPU. We will keep you up to date.

Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to record the working environment with BAPPU-evo during the fair, which was held in Hall 1 Stand E1.042.

The long-term recording of our environment on the second day of the fair.

Stuttgart Langzeitaufzeichnung

It remains exciting. Therefore, we are already looking forward to the next Arbeitsschutz Aktuell 2020, which will take place in Stuttgart from October 6 - 8, 2020 and then celebrates its 25th anniversary.

We would like to thank our customers and visitors for the successful exhibition days.

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