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Time to pass on the baton

04 July 2017

In 1981, Norbert Esch, Horst Kremer and Udo Lieser had an idea: it resulted in the foundation of ELK - a company where professionalism and know-how are just as important as having flat hierarchies and active employee participation.

Now, 35 years later, co-founder Udo Lieser is withdrawing from his role in the active business. Udo Lieser had already announced this move at an early stage, so, during the past few years, we had the opportunity to calmly focus upon a succession plan. In the past year, Axel Stamm, one of our long-standing employees, was appointed as an additional managing director. With the departure of Udo Lieser, Axel Stamm also takes on his new role as an ELK partner.

He will be supported in this position by our former Managing Director, Roland Habenicht, who hasn’t been so active since last year. With his experience, however, he will continue to support ELK and oversee the transition within the ranks of management and he will make sure the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of engineers runs smoothly.

We are sure that with Axel Stamm "at the helm", he will lead the ELK in the spirit of the founders. We look forward to shaping the future together, which will be accompanied by many exciting challenges and even more good ideas.


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